With dreams in his eyes and a strong passion to fulfill them, NatwarlalThadeshwar traveled to Mumbai in the year 1963. He began with a modest start by setting up a small workshop making unique and distinctive pieces of gold jewelry.

He continued with the same devotion and never ending enthusiasm. Striving hard and gradually developing his craftsmanship, his talent and effort paved way for the desired achievement. Eventually his workshop gained honor and a loyal clientele. With the passage of time it flourished as a booming business with international acclaim-SHRINGAR.



In 1963, with a bagful of dreams and an extraordinary craft Natwarlal K Thadeshvvar, popularly known as 'Natubhai', travelled to Mumbai, like a million others, looking to make a name for himself. The difference is, where most fail, he became an extraordinary success. He was from 'Vichhiya' a small town near Rajkot in Gujarat, from a community renowned for its skill at the art of crafting exquisite gold jewellery, the 'Sonis'. In the beginning, he set up a small workshop, making unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of gold jewellery. With time and great talent his workshop gained renown and a loyal clientele, eventually evolving into what it is today, a thriving business with international acclaim - 'Shringar'.

Our mangalsutras are symbolic not only ofthe institution ofthe traditional Hindu marriage, but the sanctity of an eternal bond. One that lasts seven lifetimes after being consecrated in a sacred fire and immortalised by ancient shlokas.



A couple of decades later, in 1981, Natwarlal‘s son, Chetan Thadeshwar joined the business. With his extraordinary insight and innate understanding of business, he tapped into a niche which had hitherto gone unnoticed. He realised the limitations in mangalsutra designs, an inherent part of every Hindu wedding in India, across states, languages and communities. An element so essential to a wedding ceremony, and yet so unexplored. This is when he decided that Shringar would specialize in the art of Mangalsutra Design. He experimented with forms, material and design. He conducted extensive research and studied the history and origins of this sacred ornament to come up with the best forms possible. And soon from the traditional, simple rnangalsutra came hundreds of new designs, each unique, each an amalgam ofthe old and the new. Under his rein, in 2001, in yet another insightful shift, the business evolved from being a manufacturer to a Wholesaler, exclusively selling mangalsutras. Soon after, its many clients conferred the title 'The House of Mangalsutras', upon their favourite jewellery store.

With the passage of time, the institution of marriage too has changed. And yet some things remain the same. The immortal vows of companionship, loyalty and respect are ageless as is the love shared by a man and his wife.



2010. And now it‘s time for the crown to pass on to yet another generation of Thadeshwars, Viraj Thadeshwar, Chetan's son and heir to the throne. Born in 1990, Viraj is an avid sportsman, an accomplished tennis player, and has a sound academic background. All the desired traits to explore new avenues and take Shringar to a whole new level. Under him, Shringar House Of Mangalsutra Pvt. Ltd. has a new address to operate from, with newer ideas and a spectacular vision. He will spearhead operations at the new address with his expansion plan.

In a new millennium, the role of a woman has undergone many transformations. No longer is she expected to lead a quiet and submissive existence. She now has a voice and an independent way of life. She has a career and a family, raises children, cares for her husband and within all these forms her own identity. Shringar pays tribute to the ever powerful and yet innately nurturing woman oftoday.

By the start of the new millennium, Shringar had become a name to reckon with all across the country. They were looking to expand their horizons even further and conquer foreign lands. Enquiries had already started flowing in from USA, the UK, New Zealand, Australia SL Fiji. 2003, with some apprehensions, but always ready to experiment, Shringar participated in IIJS a landmark event in tnejewellery industry. And not unexpectedly received an overwhelming response from the visitors. Shringar had once again conquered people's heart and minds. And yet, this is only the beginning, Snringar has already made its mark in the mangalsutra industry, with much more to follow.

Through decades of service, of exquisite designs and evermore beautiful jewellery, Shringar has made a name for itself as the ‘House of Mangalsutras' and promises to continue to provide people all over the world with the best quality and innovative designs, honouring their trust and fulfilling their expectations of quality for centuries to come.